Thursday, January 27, 2011

The origins of Me

As you all know I am called Lord Naseby I have been going by that Pen Name for about 2 years now. But what does it mean? Where does that come from?

Well, guess no longer.

Oliver Cromwell
First off let's look at Naseby. Naseby is a name dating back to Oliver Cromwell. Or at least, that's when the name first had significance for me. See when I was younger I hard a Monty Python song called Oliver Cromwell. It was basically about Cromwell's rise to power over Charles I.

King Charles I

 Monty Python

Anyway I During the song one particular line stuck out to me

Was at first only MP for Huntingdon but then he led the Ironside cavalry as Mars ton Moor in 1644 and won

Then he founded the New Model Army and praise be! Beat the Cavilers at Naseby.

well I liked the word Naseby so much that I decided to make it my pen name. I added 'Lord' to it because I thought that it sounded cool and I figured that names cannot be copyrighted.

Here is Naseby on a map

Anyway there you have it. I am of course not actually Lord Naseby, there is a real Lord Naseby and this is him

The actual Lord Naseby...actually, technically he is Baron Naseby

(P.S. I'm cooler than him)

Of course I am a real person too. This is what I look like in real life

This is a picture of me last Halloween


  1. Most interesting Lord Naseby, I already knew about the battle of Naseby and sometimes wondered if that's were you got your name from, looks like I was kind of right!

    Monty Python are the best!