Sunday, January 9, 2011

My review of Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare

I have now come to an end of the traditional Freddy movies. I still have to see Freddy Vs Jason and the remake, but for the earlier stuff, I'm all done here. Thank God.

Acting: This ranks as some of the worst acting I have ever seen. It's gotten to a point where Freddy isn't Freddy anymore. Robert Englund plays him as a washed up comedian with no brain and homicidal tendencies. It was absolutely pathetic. The whole cast was just miserable. I really liked Yaphet Kotto in Alien. It's too bad that he did stuff like this. Completely shameful performances. Nothing redeemable in this category at all. 0/10

Plot: Horrible. Just horrible. I thought that they weren't trying at all with the last one. But this...pathetic. I can't even think up enough negative words for how bad the plot is. It's just nonsense. Pure unbridled nonsense. What bozo looked at this plot and said "yeah, that's a good idea" I'd say more but as you all know, I have a strict policy about not giving away any details of the plot. All I can really say is, 0/10

Screenplay: If I hated the rest of the film, I hated this. The film starts off with a big rip-off of the twister scene form The Wizard of Oz. It was totally shameless. Also, Freddy isn't just saying dumb puns when he kills anymore. They are now over 90% of what he is saying. His first line was a bad rip-off, his last line was a pun. It was horrible. I can't blame just him because ever single other cast member did just as bad. There is not a single line in the film that didn't make me roll my eyes. This film has gone way beyond so bad it's good, It is now at the stage of 'so bad we should burn every copy'. The screenplay is largely responsible for that. 0/10

Likableness: all I can really say at this point is 0/10.

Final Score: 0/40 0% (S)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Cameos a.Johnny Depp-Guy in TV commercial
b. Robert Shaye-selling bus tickets in a booth. (you know, I've noticed something, he's had a cameo in the last few movies. I bet that's why he keeps producing them)
c. Roseanne and Tom Arnold-the childless couple.
d. Alice Cooper-Freddy's abusive pimp father.

2. On 12 September 1991 a day before the U.S. release of the movie, Los Angeles declared it Freddy Krueger Day.

3. Peter Jackson was originally hired to write the screenplay for this film. He wrote a draft, but it wasn't used.

4. A 16-year-old Jacob Johnson, the son that was born to Alice Johnson in the previous installment, A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, was a major character in the original script written for the movie by Michael Almereyda. In this first draft of the film, Alice, now in her thirties, was killed by Freddy. Taryn, Joey, and Kincaid from A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors also returned as the "Dream Police." In the script, Taryn was the "Blade Cop," Joey was the "Sound Cop," and Kincaid was the "Power Cop." Director Rachel Talalay has stated that she greatly disliked original script and that the replacement script by Michael De Luca "saved the day." De Luca also said that he was surprised he wasn't asked to write the screenplay in the first place, since he had done a similar last-minute rewrite on 'A Nightmare On Elm Street: The Dream Child'.

6. Peter Jackson's original screenplay for Freddy's Dead saw Freddy aging and growing weak within the dream world. The teens of Springwood would have drug-fuelled slumber parties for kicks, and enter the dream world to beat him up.

7. Said to take place "10 years from now". The official NOES website's timeline opted for 1999 in place of 2001, despite the release date of the film in 1991, taking ten years from now to refer to the conclusion of A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child. This actually impacts the placement of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday, since Freddy Krueger's claw emerged from the portal to Hell at the end of that film to seize Jason's hockey mask. This indicates that the defeat of Freddy in his film preceded the events of Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday.

8. You didn't notice that there was no #5

9. You went back to look and now you noticed that there was no #5 and you are laughing. at least that's the hope.

                                                        This scene was so bad I wanted to cry.

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