Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Top 10 Best Cold Openings in The Office

Now here's the deal, I am a huge fan of the American version of The Office. Oftentimes the best part of a specific episode is the cold opening. some of them are so classic there is a lot of merchandise devoted to them. So, I am here to give you my top 10 best cold openings in The Office.

 #10. Jim connects Dwight's phones to his Bluetooth

What happens: Dwight hears his phone ringing and he answers it but still hears it ringing. Jim tuns on his Bluetooth and answers as Dwight. Then Jim explains in a talking head interview that Dwight left his phone at the office so Jim paired it to his headset. Then Pam calls and Jim answers but Dwight says to Pam that the person answering is not him and Pam pretends to be confused. Dwight then reprograms his phone to go to his Office phone. Jim explains in another talking head interview that Jim did the same thing with his Desk Phone. When the phone rings it is Dwight's mother and he answers by saying "Hello Muter I have married tell Vater." He hangs up and says to Dwight "Such a Nice woman." Dwight then smashes his phone.

Episode: Season 4 episode 18: Goodbye Toby

#9. Jim faxes Dwight letters from "Future Dwight"

What happens: Jim, who is now working in Stamford, explains that he sends Dwight faxes "from Future Dwight" He reads the fax that he sends Dwight (cutting to Dwight receiving the fax with Jim still reading in a voiceover) "Dwight, at 8 AM someone poisons the coffee. Do not drink the coffee, more instructions will follow. Cordially, Future Dwight." Dwight then sees Stanley with coffee about to drink it and he smashes it out of his hands saying "You'll thank me later"

What episode: Season 3 Episode 7: Branch Closing

#8. Parkour

What happens: Michael, Dwight, and Andy come into the office jumping on everything and yelling "Parkour" It then cuts to Jim showing a video of the real Parkour and explains that the idea behind it is that you have to get from point A to point B as creatively as possible. "So technically they are doing Parkour if point A is delusion and point B is the hospital." It shows more footage of them jumping around yelling "parkour" Then it shows them on a roof trying to get to the ground by jumping on various objects. Andy jumps and lands in an empty fridge box and weakly says "Parkour"

What Episode: Season 6 Episode 1: Gossip

#7. Jim does a Pavlov experiment with Dwight.

What Happens: Jim pretends to have computer problems and constantly shuts down his computer. Every time he does, he gives Dwight an Altoid. He explains that he is trying out a Pavlov experiment with Dwight. At the end, he shuts off his computer and Dwight holds out his hand for an Altoid and Jim looks at him pretending to be confused and Dwight says that his mouth tastes bad.

What episode: Season 3 episode 16: Phyllis's wedding

#6. Jim wrapping Dwight's desk.

What Happens: Dwight walks in to find all of his stuff (including his desk and chair)
wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper. Jim tells Dwight that he cannot open it until Christmas. Dwight boasts that he will be able to take it apart in about 5 minutes while Jim says it will take him longer. Dwight brags that he can skin a Mule Deer in 10 minutes and as he sits down, his desk collapses as does his chair.

What Episode: Season 5 episode 11: Moroccan Christmas

#5. Jim pops Dwight's exercise ball.

What happens: It opens showing Dwight bouncing on a yoga ball )or as he calls it, a Fitness Orb) which irritates Jim as Dwight is knocking things over and making noises. He explains the benefits to Jim who asks Dwight "How much does one of those cost?" Dwight answers that it is 25 dollars. Jim nods, takes a pair of scissors and pops the 'fitness orb'

What Episode: Season 2 episode 8: Performance review

#4. Dwight's stuff in the vending machine.

What happens: Dwight goes to the vending machine and notices all of his stuff in there. Pam comes along and pretends that all of the stuff is available to buy and she buys Dwight's pencil cup. Dwight gives in and goes to find his wallet and Jim points that it is in the vending machine as well. Jim then gives Dwight a bag of nickels to buy his stuff back.

What Episode: Season 2 episode 11: Booze Cruise

#3. Jim hides Dwight's desk in the bathroom.
What Happens: Dwight walks in to the office and sees that his desk is missing. Jim feigns ignorance as to where the desk is located and tells Dwight things like "Calm down where was the last place you saw it?" "I think you should retrace your steps". Dwight goes in to tell Michael but Jim starts playing 'hot and cold' with Dwight and he finds it in the bathroom with the phone ringing. It is Jim calling and he asks Dwight questions about work and Kevin comes out of the stall and Dwight tells him to wash his hands.

What Episode: Season 2 episode 6: The Fight

#2. TV Screensaver at the meeting

What happens: The office is at a meeting and Michael is talking about ideas. No one is listening. Instead, they are looking at the DVD screensaver behind him waiting for the logo to hit the corner. Jim explains this and he also says Pam claims that she saw it. It switches to Pam and she swears that she saw it. The office is frustrated that it never goes into the corner but Kevin tells Oscar "Dude, you gotta believe"It finally does and The office cheers and leaves the room with Michael thinking it is because of his good ideas.

What episode: Season 4 episode 5: Launch party

#1. Jim dressed as Dwight.

This is really the only option for the top spot. Basically Jim comes in dressed as Dwight which frustrates Dwight. Jim mentions to the camera that he saw glasses like Dwight's at a store and he bought them along with a few other things Dwight has. Dwight gets mad at Jim so Jim imitates Dwight going to Michael. Dwight insists that he doesn't do that but he immediately does it.

What episode: season 3 episode 21: Product Recall


  1. Hahahahaha. I'm a big fan of the office :)

  2. I've skimmed through a few of these lists now. Am I the only one who loves the Recyclops opener?

  3. Of course not. That was a hilarious opening. I might add that actually...

  4. I thought the lip dub was impressive.

  5. FALSE

    Season 5 Episode 14: Stress Relief Part 1

    That is the best one.

  6. good list for the most part, but a bunch of your episode numbers are wrong