Sunday, January 9, 2011

My review of The Seed of Chucky

Well, I finally finished the Child's Play films. I must say, this series went up and down for me. The first one was decent but still pretty weak, and then it just went down from there with Child's Play 3 being the weakest. Then came Bride of Chucky which I thought was actually pretty good. Not best slasher film ever stuff but it was very entertaining. And now, we come to the last one: Seed of Chucky

Acting: Most of it was just the facial expressions of dolls and frankly, they were better than the human actors (maybe not Glen/Glenda). The Jennifer Tilly/Jennifer Tilly stuff was interesting. They could have done better with it but it wasn't too bad. some characters were annoying, some were alright, no one that was amazing. Chucky and Tiffany are still the best characters. 4/10

Plot: A bit off but what can you do? They could have done much better with Glen/Glenda. There was just some stuff that didn't fit with the movies at all. Like the Glen Japanese stuff. I mean, I know why they did that but I still thought that it was incredibly stupid. But, it had its good points too. I kinda liked all of the Jennifer Tilly stuff. As I mentioned before, they could have done better, but it was the most entertaining pert of the whole movie. 4/10

Screenplay: There were some cute lines in there. stuff that I really liked. There were some groaners in there too. About an equal amount of both. It wasn't fantastic. It was just so-so. I know I found myself laughing at points. Since this is a horror-comedy, that's good I suppose. 4/10

Likableness: I dunno, I had a lot of fun watching this movie. I could have done without Glen/Glenda but hey, no Glen/Glenda, no movie. It was an entertaining film to watch. I liked it. 7/10

Final Score: 19/40 47% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Jennifer Tilly wanted to lose weight to play herself in the movie, but she and Don Mancini inserted "fat jokes" into the script in case she didn't make it.

2. The TV spots for this movie displays an unusual disclaimer: Britney Spears Does Not Appear In This Movie. This disclaimer was inserted into TV spots because Britney's management was concerned that people might be lead to believe that Britney actually appears in the movie. It is not her in the movie; but a look-alike. Too bad.

3. The gender confused child of Chucky and Tiffany is named either Glen or Glenda by his parents. Glen or Glenda was Edward D. Wood Jr.'s film in which Wood himself portrayed the transvestite known as Glen or Glenda.

4. Chris Sarandon was approached again to reprise his role as Det. Mike Norris from the first film, but once again turned it down due to scheduling conflicts.

5. Filmed on the largest soundstage in Romania and the second-largest soundstage in Europe where Cold Mountain was also shot.

One Big Happy, yet homicidal, family

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