Sunday, January 9, 2011

My review of Child's Play 2

Well, as the tagline says: "Sorry Jack, Chucky's Back!" having seen the 1st one and realizing that there are relatively few Child's Play films, I decided to go through all of them. So, here's #2.

Acting: Well, the kid was older and therefore not quite as useless and annoying. He actually takes the initiative to defend himself once in a while. So, I felt that the role of Andy was played much better. The adults were stupid as usual but they were decently played. not too amazing though. I will say this though, what is it with Beth Grant? She always plays the total uptight jerk. For those of you who don't know Beth Grant by name, She was in Donnie Darko as that total b**** teacher who was all head over heels for the motivational speaker guy, and she was in No Country for Old Men as the main character's mother-in-law. Unlikable characters, good performances. 5/10

Plot: Now see, unlike most slasher films where the killer is resurrected with no explanation or even in a reasonable way, Chucky comes back in a way that I was like "huh, well, it's not the best but you know, I can kinda understand how it happened. But the rest of the plot is exactly the same as the first movie. At least in its basest sense. The characters are changed around a bit but it's still the same basic storyline minus the obvious exposition of the first movie. Not a great plot really. but a decent one. 5/10

Screenplay: Well obviously, this is inevitably the weakest point. Not too many good lines. But one thing that I have figured is this: It's really really REALLY stupid of the kid to tell people that Chucky is after him and is causing all of the problems in the movie. While that is certainly the truth, he has to use the logic that A. the grownups will not believe him until they see Chucky for themselves (usually in their last few seconds of life) and B. why should they? They live in a world where nothing like this has happened (up until this point). Plus, there's no proof that it is Chucky doing all of the stuff. Even when they do believe and see Chucky for themselves, a. they're usually dead soon, and b. who would believe THEM even if they do survive. So, Andy should realize that no one is going to believe him and he's really just better find a way to get by until he can find a way to kill Chucky again. does that make sense? I mean, the grownups in this movie aren't like the adults in A Nightmare on Elm Street. THERE The grownups only need to see the facts that are staring them in the face. The town of Springwood has an incredibly high teen death rate and EVERY one of those teens before they died, in a nearly impossible way otherwise, blamed it on Freddy. With this one, there is no high town death rate of children with all of them blaming it on a killer doll named Chucky. so, to say that the adults in this movie are just stupid is wrong to me. If I had to guess, every one of us would act like them in the same situation. But yeah, I'm totally ranting here. 5/10

Likableness: I liked the film. It was fun to watch and it hasn't gotten too ridiculous yet. The day is coming I know. It's coming very very soon. But until then, I liked this film. It wasn't perfect and I know that there were parts where I rolled my eyes a bit. But yeah, I kinda liked it. 6.5/10

Final Score: 21.5/40 53% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. In the later seasons of Seinfeld, a copy of Child's Play 2 (1990) is on the shelf in Jerry's apartment where he keeps his VHS movies.

2. Jeffrey Jones, Charles Grodin and Tim Matheson were considered to play Phil Simpson. Veronica Cartwright was considered to play Joanne Simpson.

3. Louise Fletcher, Brad Dourif's former co-star in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, was rumored to be considered for a cameo appearance as Miss Kettlewell.

4. Wes Craven was rumored to be considered to direct.

5. Originally, Phil and Joanne were named George and Mildred.

6. Chris Sarandon was originally going to reprise his role as Det. Mike Norris from the first film as the main protagonist of this film, but turned it down due to scheduling conflicts and the role was erased from the final version.

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