Sunday, January 2, 2011

My Review of Dead Snow

Nazi Snow Zombies...okay. At least it doesn't take itself seriously. If it did it would be a much worse movie.

Acting/Characters: Good enough for this kind of movie. Not really that amazing but there were some good moments in there. I didn't roll my eyes at anything that the characters did. In fact, there was a lot of things that a few of them did that surprised me. Like the guy with his arm (anyone who has seen this knows what I'm talking about) yeah and the Molotov cocktail bit. I've never seen a character in a film like this do that. It was an interesting twist. Good characters overall though. they could do stupid things though just like any other character in a movie like this. But yeah 7.5/10

Plot: well, since what this film is about is on the front cover I'm not giving anything away here. But yeah...Zombie snow Nazis. Very original. Most Zombie movies since George A. Romero defined them are run of the mill stuff. Usually the only difference between the individual movie is "are the Zombies fast or slow in this one?" Usually not always. But I liked the plot. It didn't take itself too seriously at all. Good for a horror film. I even found myself jumping at points. 9.5/10

Screenplay: good enough. You didn't need any lines here that would be making it onto the AFI's list of top 100 movie quotes. But there is another point, sometimes, words and meanings get lost in translation. This is a Norwegian language film after all. What something means in Norwegian might not mean the same thing in English. So that made it difficult to write this section of the review. but I liked the English stuff. I just wonder what I would of thought of the screenplay in Norwegian. 8/10

Likableness: It was a likable film. I found myself jumping at points. I certainly liked the plot a lot. It was kind of silly but very entertaining. It is a good fun film. 8/10

Final Score: 33/40 82% (N)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Originally it was going to be called "Rød Snø" (or Red Snow in English), as an homage to the Swedish/Norwegian mini-series with the same name.

2. This film's main trailer shows black-and-white World War II archive footage including battleships, parachuting and a command room featuring Adolf Hitler but this material is not seen in the actual movie.

3. When fighting the zombies, one of the characters holds up a hammer and a sickle, the symbol for the Communist Russian flag. Communist Russia was the mortal enemy of Nazi Germany so using a Hammer and Sickle to fight Nazi Snow Zombies is ironic.

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