Sunday, January 9, 2011

My review of Halloween 3- Season of the Witch

By the way, I watched this one before I saw Black Christmas but I haven't gotten around to writing this one before now.

I know a lot of people have consistently mentioned how that this one is retarded because it does not feature Michael Meyers. I would just like to say now that the reason that Michael does not make an appearance in this one is because the last Halloween movie, Halloween II, was supposed to be the last one featuring him. John Carpenter got the idea that all future Halloween movies would simply feature a different Halloween themed horror movie every year. As you can probably tell by the fact that Halloween IV is called Halloween IV the Return of Michael Meyers, you can probably guess how well that went over so yeah. There you go.

Acting: Well, how about you guess what I thought of the acting? It's a Halloween sequel. It was incredibly stupid. And it wasn't this fun cheesy sort of acting. It was like they were trying to make a serious movie but they totally failed. I didn't give a rats about any of the characters. They were stereotypical horror film characters: one dimensional mono-emotional characters. One character showed a different emotion than normal in the film but that was in the last 20 seconds. But hey, this is nowhere near new. This has normal horror acting (I would like to say slasher but this isn't a slasher film). .5/10

Plot: well, it was a different plot than the previous films. But, it is also a nonsensical one. You didn't understand the motive for anything. There were terrible events that might happen in the movie but the rules for how those events will come about aren't clear at all. That irritated me. Quite a lot. Plus there was stuff that they didn't explain. They alluded to what happened but it was too vague. So it was a weak plot and a plot that could be hard to follow. But it was a deviation off of the Michael Meyers stuff. However, I cannot give it points for that because if it wasn't attached to the Halloween series, it would have not been a deviation it simply would have been a bad plot standing by itself. .5/10

Screenplay: I am tired of listing all of the reasons why screenplays of movies like this are bad. They're all bad for the same reasons. But in some ways, this one was more annoying because they had this commercial jingle playing every five minutes or so that is basically helium filled munchkins singing London Bridge is Falling Down over and over again. and this played every five minutes or so. .5/10

Likableness. Not a likable film. It was pathetic and it wasn't a good idea to make it. at least with Michael Meyers we weren't so confused. Thanks Mr. Carpenter, now because you didn't follow through on your original idea, this film looks more retarded than ever. .5/10

Final Score: 2/40 5% (S)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Michael Myers does appear briefly in this film, on a television advertising the original Halloween (1978). It comes near the beginning when Dan Challis is drinking in a bar.

2. When Challis fills in the register at the motel office, he scans the list of names for evidence of Ellie's father's stay. All of the other names on the list are the names of the crew.

3. The small town of Santa Mira was also the setting for Invasion of the Body Snatchers

4. The voice of the operator that Challis keeps getting when he tries to call out of Santa Mira is Jamie Lee Curtis.

5. Supposedly, part of the genesis of this film came from a comment made by film critic Rex Reed. Reed panned Halloween II, saying it was so bad that, "If they make a Halloween III, I'll turn in my press card."

6. A novelization of the film was published in 1982 by science-fiction writer Dennis Etchison under the pseudonym Jack Martin. Despite the film's commercial failure, the book became a best-seller and was even reissued two years after the film's release, in 1984.

7. Using the original molds, the skull, witch, and jack-o'-lantern masks seen in the film were mass-produced by Don Post Studios and sold in retail stores to promote the film's release.

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