Saturday, January 8, 2011

My review of A Nightmare on Elm Street 2-Freddy's Revenge

Is it just me, or does Jessie's girlfriend in this movie look like Meryl Streep? Anyways, I watched this one because I heard that the third one is actually supposed to be really good (Despite the fact that I hate the title for the third one).

Acting: Not as bad as I thought it was going to be. considering that I thought it was going to be Razzie worthy, that's not saying too terribly much. For what it was it wasn't too bad, but it wasn't really that great either. Freddy was what Freddy was supposed to be so that was good. (although, I've noticed that no one in the movies actually calls him Freddy. They usually call him Fred). but yeah. 5/10

Plot: Interesting plot. Although, it wasn't a very smart plot I feel. See, part of the genius of the original was the fact that the scary parts dealt with dreams. with horror and dreams, there is literally nowhere that you can't take it. So, all of the insane stuff that's happening during the dreams, well, they're dreams so they can get away with it. However, in this one there were aspects that I felt canceled out that dream card. The story created limitations for the dream aspects and I thought that wasn't very smart (Neither did Wes Craven who refused to touch this one). Other than that, it was sort of alright. Not really really horrible but not amazing either. 4/10

Screenplay: Again, one of the weaker points of the film. Although, thankfully Freddy hasn't hit the pun stage by this film so that can only be good. seeing as how critics liked the third one I assume the puns start rolling in the fourth one. After I saw the first one I said to my mother "You know, it's interesting having Freddy talk. Other Slasher icons such as Jason and Michael don't talk" and my mother said "Yeah, you can't shut Freddy up actually" So, we haven't hit that point yet. but yeah. it was kinda weak. 4/10

Likableness: I dunno, I kinda liked it actually. It wasn't really horrible and it wasn't over the top cheesy. It certainly wasn't the first movie. But it wasn't too bad for me. I kinda liked it in spite of myself. 7/10

Final score: 20/40 50% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. In the opening sequence, the bus driver is Robert Englund without the heavy "Freddy Krueger" make-up and his signature clothing.

2. Brad Pitt, John Stamos and Christian Slater all auditioned for the role of Jesse.

3. This is the only film in the series not to use Charles Bernstein's original theme, or a variation of it.

 I ask you again, doesn't Jessie's girlfriend (far right) look like Meryl Streep?

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  1. Jessie's girlfriend DOES look like Meryl Streep!... Nice review, bro...