Sunday, January 2, 2011

my review of Cherry Falls

Well, it's a step up from my last one, but it really doesn't reach the level of scream or Black Christmas or anything like that.

Acting: They have some decent actors in here. I am always a fan of Michael Biehn after Terminator and Aliens. The late-who-knows-if-she-could-have-been-really-great Brittany Murphy is in here too. The acting is not too horrible. At the very least, it goes beyond the typical "I'm gonna scream and wait for the rapidly approaching killer to get me" stuff. It's always nice to have a break from that. The teenagers in this one have a little personality to them and some of them you actually grow to like. That is rare for a film like this. it wasn't too horrible. It wasn't fantastic either but it was alright. 6.5/10

Plot: Now, this is one of the most original plots I have seen out of a slasher film. I know, there is still the underlying "killer kills everyone he/she/it gets his/her/its hands on" thing but the film doesn't rely solely on that like films such as Halloween 2. Granted, it was a plot that, in its very basic form, was going to be done sooner or later but it is still an original one. Glad another original plot exists to be honest. It wasn't perfect but it was decent. 7/10

Screenplay: Not too good. As with most films it is the weakest aspect of the film. But I suppose that it was alright. There were some good lines there were some bad ones. nothing that's going to make you cringe or that you're going to include on a list of top 100 movie quotes but eeh. whatever. 6/10

Likableness: I kinda liked it. It was an entertaining way to spend 1 1/2 hours or so. It wasn't a perfect film but it is better than the average piece of slasher film trash. 7.5/10

Final Score: 27/40 67% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Stephen Lang was originally offered the role of Sheriff Marken, but scheduling conflicts prevented him from being in the film. He later admitted that the only reason he wanted to do the part was to work with Brittany Murphy again. Ted Levine was also considered for the role of the Sheriff as well. The role eventually went to Michael Biehn. Ironically, Biehn was an early favorite for a military role in James Cameron's Avatar, but Lang ended up getting the part

2. The film was troubled by censor disapproval. It had to be submitted to the MPAA a total of five times before censors finally approved a cut.

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