Monday, January 24, 2011

Just a thought...

We all know that there is a big debate raging over the issue of illegal immigration with Mexico to the US. every day, hundreds of illegal immigrants cross the border into our country. There has been much debate over what to do but I think I have finally come up with a solution that will appease all sides and will benefit both the US and Mexico.

I propose the immediate annexation of Mexico.

many arguments for letting illegal immigrants into the country are things such as "they have a hard life and they are looking for a better one here" "they make good workers and do the jobs most Americans are unwilling to do" and so on and so forth. well, we get to keep those benefits by annexing Mexico.  

Yes it will be a lengthy bureaucratic nightmare I know that but I feel that it is necessary for everyone if we just annex Mexico.  I know that we have a lot of problems of our own, but as the most powerful country in the world it is our God given right to A. police the world and B. help everyone! If a country is down in the dumps we should take full responsibility for that country's welfare. we should start in our own backyards and annex Mexico.

But why stop there? as I mentioned before, as the most powerful country we should be responsible for everyone. So I propose a system that I think should help determine nicely which countries should become our next dozen states. If a country has an unemployment rate of 30 per cent or more and 1/3rd of the population below the poverty line, they should be immediately annexed by us. If they have a mad dictator in power we should overthrow the dictator and annex the country so they can have a democracy: ours.

I think that this works out for the best. They get the good American life, we have to help them because they are now Americans, we get their resources and so on. regrettably this makes civil war more likely for example if the State of Iraq and the State of India start fighting we would have to send troops from the State of Florida, the state of Haiti and the state of Mexico to stop them and then things get ugly.

So that is my proposal. despite all of our own problems, we should make the problems of all the downtrodden countries in the world our problem. And who knows? annexing all of the third world countries may solve a lot of our other problems as well. It would be beneficial to all.

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