Saturday, January 8, 2011

My review of Sleepaway Camp

Well, I saw this one because I heard that it had one of the best endings in Cinema. Not one of the best endings in Slasher Film history, the history of FILMS. so, being who I am I felt that it was my duty to check it out.

Acting: crap. no other way to put it. the acting as a whole was just ridiculous. there were some parts where the acting wasn't totally horrible. but, yeah. on the whole it was rather dumb. 1/10

Plot: Not that great either. It certainly had some elements that I liked but not very many. It was a typical sort of slasher film plot. so yeah. Weak. 2/10

Screenplay: This was the worst part of the whole film. Absolutely horrible. Not one good line in the film really. I don't know who wrote it, but they do not know how to write a good screenplay. Even a cheesy film such as this needs something of a good screenplay and this simply didn't have one. 1/10

Likableness: It was sort of likable. It was a slow beginning for this film. it got slowly better as the film went on. But it really didn't get really interesting until about 15-20 minutes were left in the film. 6/10

Ending: I will not say anything other than that the ending gives this film 5 extra credit points.

Total Score: 15/40 37% (D) It gets the stamp of decency, in spite of the score, because of the ending.

TRIVIA TIME: 1. The film is known as Nightmare Vacation in the UK.

2. The original artwork for the Sleepaway Camp Survival Kit box set was recalled after complaints were made by the Red Cross.

3. Some of the campers seen getting off the buses at the beginning of the film are relatives of the cast and crew.

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