Thursday, March 3, 2011

An old review of mine that I'm way to lazy to add anything new to except Trivia Time. So, here's Avatar

Well, in terms of special effects, the academy is going to invent new awards just so this movie can win them. This movie makes any other special effect movie look like a crayon drawing. I did dislike the preachy plot. you can make a good movie without it being preachy. in terms of special effects though, this movie it the most amazing thing that I have eve seen. As there are 10 best picture nominees this film is sure to get a best picture nomination (star wars episode IV did because of its special effects). of course in 5 years we will have something that makes this movie look like a crayon drawing. but until then, no one can deny that this movie is a true achievement in film making. the only problem is the preachy plot. although the special effects were so good that you really didn't care. wow. this movie rocked.


I saw this movie again. I feel that now that the special effects are not blinding me this movie isn't as good as I thought it was. I see the rotten plot, crappy screenplay, and the sub par acting more clearly. it isn't as good. the magic of the special effects were diminished. I really hope that this movie doesn't win Best Picture. if it does I will be rather livid.

(new continuation)

Well, it didn't win. Thank goodness. History will vindicate the choice. After a third time you really cease to care. There is nothing to care about. There is a Far Side cartoon where a family is gazing out into the Grand Canyon and they don't notice that it's merely a backdrop with nothing behind it. That's Avatar. It has nothing to it except its visuals. James Cameron doesn't think he needs anything else. He's like a classier Michael Bay.

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