Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My review of ThanksKilling

 I watched this one at the request of a friend.

I laughed my friggin head off. I gotta give this one some credit. It set out to make me laugh my head off and that's exactly what it first.

Acting/Characters: Yes they were horrible in every sense of the word. But, that's what they were going for. They meant for the acting to be as stupid as it could possibly be. They succeeded. The best character by far was the Turkey. I enjoyed seeing him the most. So, naturally, he had the least screen time. The characters were just the same as every other slasher film. Same order of death too really. 3/10

Plot: Pretty much the same as the rest. The whole thing plays out like some kind of Youtube video. Same quality to it. But again that's what they were going for so how much can I bash a film for doing what it was meant to do? I mean, how seriously can a film about a killer turkey take itself? But, while the whole thing was funny at first, the novelty wore off eventually and I stopped caring. Not good. 3/10

Screenplay: Hilarious. Absolutely hilarious. This was the best part of the film. Over the top corny lines that I laughed at a lot...but, like everything else in the film, the novelty wore off eventually. Yes the film was only 66 minutes long, but by the 45th minute I didn't care too much anymore. The jokes got old and repetitive. Like the characters, the best lines came out of the Turkey. He must have studied some Freddy films because all of the turkey's kills were 'pun kills' as I like to call them. "Gobble Gobble motherf*****" 4/10

Likableness: Pretty much the overall feeling I had from this film was that it wasn't even remotely trying to take itself seriously. it succeeds in that. It's not a good film to be fully honest but if you're looking for a stupid movie to laugh at put this one in. But, while it started funny, it just stopped being funny because it was all the same. it got old and they didn't even attempt to try to bring something new to the table. This film is really bad. Troll 2 quality actually. The difference between this one is that the director of Troll 2 thought that he was making a good movie. He stated that his film was about "important issues such as eating, living, and dying." Nothing like that here. They know they're making a crappy movie. They aren't even trying to hide it. it's bad but it has a certain humor to it that is good at first. 3/10

Final Score: 13/40 32% (M)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. The creators also copyrighted the title Death Turkey as a potential title for an overseas release as most countries are not going to celebrate Thanksgiving.

2. While writing the script, and even through filming, creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey always tried to come up with a name for the killer turkey, but nothing ever stuck. In the end, they simply referred to him as "turkey" in the film. The character has since officially become known as The Killer Turkey.

3. The film is unrated because the filmmakers could not afford a rating.

4. The central tagline, "Gobble, Gobble, Motherf***er!" came before their was even a plot for ThanksKilling.

5. Before deciding on ThanksKilling, creators Kevin Stewart and Jordan Downey tossed around another idea for a holiday slasher set during Easter, entitled "Eggstravakill".

6. The turkey puppet was designed and built by the director.

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