Sunday, March 6, 2011

My review of Anchorman-The Legend of Ron Burgandy

Well I re-watched this a few days ago and I only got around to the review now. It is plainly obvious that if the film even attempted to have any intelligence it would totally fail. As it is, it takes nothing seriously and it succeeds.

Acting/Characters: I totally lost faith in Will Ferrell's ability to act after Elf. He sucked. That whole movie sucked to be honest. But I saw this and Stranger Than Fiction and I'm gaining some respect for him. Particularly Stranger than Fiction. If you haven't seen it I would highly suggest it. Basically, this film is your typical over-the-top humor film. The acting is all it needs to be. I particularly liked Steve Carell as Brick. It was alright. 8/10

Plot: I don't know where, but I think I have seen plots like this on top of the world and then the woman begins to undermine him. He is Misogynistic and tries to sleep with her and he does and they grow to like each other. I may be wrong, but I know that I've seen that somewhere else. That's gonna bother me. Anyhoo, the plot was alright. The best part by far was the News Anchor Fight Scene. It was simple. If it wasn't the film would lose its target audience. Can't have that now can we? 7/10

Screenplay: It was alright. I liked Brick's lines the best. Will Ferrell had some good ones with his over the top speech pattern. It was very hit-and-miss. Kinda more miss than hit sometimes. At times they tried too hard to be funny and at other times they hit it out of the park and I found myself laughing. Always good for a comedy. I guess it was a minor success. 7/10

Likableness: Like I said before, very hit and miss. But the film had an overall air to it that I kinda liked. It was nothing amazing and it isn't going to top AFI's list of top 100 comedies of all time list anytime soon...or ever. But for what it was, it was nice. And that was it. 7.5/10

Final Score: 29.5/40 73% (D)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. The first draft of the screenplay included suggested actors for various roles: - Champ Kind: John C. Reilly - Brick Tamland: Chris Parnell - Brian Fantana: Ben Stiller - Ed Harken: Ed Harris - Garth Holiday: Dan Aykroyd - Frank Vitchard: Alec Baldwin - The script also specified another member of the news team, Marshall Connors, with William H. Macy suggested for the part.

2. The Mexican restaurant Veronica visits with the girls from the station is named "Escupimos en su Alimento". In Spanish, that means, "We spit in your food".

3. Many of the actors as well as Will Ferrell are well versed in the art of improvisation and would sometimes do up to 20 different versions of reaction lines trying out the first thing that popped into their heads.

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