Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My review of Club Dread

As slasher spoofs go, you could do a lot worse. A whole lot worse. I was perusing Youtube one day and I came across a movie review segment called Horrible Horror (I think the guy is Danish or something). He had this segment entitles top 10 funniest slasher films of all time and a kill from this one had a place on his list. deservedly so but I think it was actually kinda funny. The movie certainly didn't take itself seriously. Until the very end. then it got stupid. If you want to check out this Horrible Horror guy and see the kill without actually having to see the movie, here's the video.

Wait, sorry it's this one. Part II

Acting/Characters: You know, this one wasn't too bad. Yes every single character was the stereotype of all of the other ones, but they had island resort twists. They were actually funny in SOME moments. One of them was just over the top stupid. Way over the top. Oh, and let's not forget that one of the characters was a token black who was the only black person in the whole resort...wait, no. He wasn't black. He was a stereotypical Jamaican with an English Accent who taught tennis on the resort (And used the tennis racket and balls as a weapon later). Also, if you have trouble remembering characters and telling them apart, don't worry, the more nameless ones will die quickly.  They were trying to get a laugh just having the guys onscreen. The only actor that anyone who saw this movie would recognize would be Bill Paxton as Coconut Pete (Yeah, try to envision that with a straight face or at least without rolling your eyes). Of course everything I have seen him in is much better such as, oh, I don't know, Aliens and Terminator. It wasn't trying to be amazing it was just trying to be over the top. Succeeded on some levels. 5/10

Plot: The plot is incredibly loosely based off of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (Which should be requited reading in all high schools btw). The problem with making a movie like this based off of a book like that that I have read is that I generally know how the film will end. Normally. This one wasn't too much like the book actually. I know that some might say that it is based off of the book, but I didn't see that so much. But I will say that the plot was funny and over the top for most of the film and in that it was good. But when we got to the normal "25 minutes left the Killer is taking off their kid gloves until he/she is stopped 19 minutes later" but, it abandoned all traces of trying to be funny and just started trying to be a horror film. Total fail. I gotta take of some serious points for that one. The setup was normal for a slasher. A bunch of horny teens who want booze go and get isolated. 3.5/10

screenplay: Like I said, I laughed at a lot of points where I was supposed to laugh. Even in that last 25 minute bit I laughed once where I was supposed to. When it wasn't trying to make you laugh it was a pretty weak screenplay. It was extremely hit and miss. 4.5/10

Likableness: I would watch it again. Particularly with a group who know how to laugh at movie like this. It would be a grand old time (Wait...Grand old time? Who says that anymore?) it didn't take itself seriously most of the time and when it did wit was incredibly weak. It was better than most slasher films and was one of the better parodies too. it was alright. 5/10

Final Score: 18/40 45%. (M)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. Broken Lizard screened the film for Jimmy Buffett, who was so amused that he requested permission to sing some of the film's original songs on one of his live tours.

2. During the campfire scene, the cast tells the story of a former employ being tricked into having sex with a female corpse and going insane. This closely resembles the back story of the killer in the movie Terror Train

3. In the DVD Commentary, it is explained that the line "How many of you knew that he was uncircumcised and smelled of oranges?" was a line included in the script to see if anyone was really reading the script before the film was green lit. (With a line like that how does one take a film like this seriously? How does the film take itself seriously?)

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