Friday, February 4, 2011

Movies I own

1408-the 2007 Stephen King adaptation. This movie really scared me when I first saw it. it's still kinda creepy. I highly enjoy it and would suggest it to anybody.

A Nightmare on Elm Street-(1984. No one in their right minds would own the retarded 2010 version)
1..2 Freddy's coming for you
3..4 better lock your door
5..6 grab you crucifix
7..8 better stay up late
9..10 never sleep again
Freddy. One of the most creative movie monsters since Frankenstein. I personally prefer him to Frankenstein and Dracula. Until the sequels killed him (but 7 was excellent. I'll get to that later)

Alien/Aliens/Alien 3/Alien Resurrection

Good least the first two are. 3 is sad because of what it could have been except for studio interference. 4 is just a freak of nature and an insult to the aliens (better than the AVP films)

Alfred Hitchcock 20 Movie Classics- The dude was a horror genius. This is basically a collection of 20 of his earliest films.

I saw this one a while back and I loved it so much I just had to have it. It's like Scream (a lot of the Third Age Slashers are) in that it dissects the genre and challenges a lot of the norms. It's very well done.

When anyone tells you that this film was the first major slasher that defined what the genre was all about, they are either lying or have not seen Black Christmas. Everything Halloween is famous for Black Christmas did first. I have a blog about it on here. I loved this one. It was genuinely creepy when I saw it at midnight. Never watch the remake (I won't) it explains too much of what the film left up to your imagination.
Cavalcade- The 1933 best Picture winner. There is no DVD of this film but yet I own it legally (Okay it's not that impressive I just own a VHS tape of a movie over 70 years old)

 Christmas Vacation- I got this one as a White Elephant gift a few years back. It's nothing particularly amazing but it's cute.

 Cloverfield- Got a best Buy gift card once and bought two movies with it and they cost me about 25.5 cents each. This was one of them. I highly enjoy this movie. I'll be interested to see what, if anything, happens with a sequel

Crash. For the life of me I cannot understand why people despise this film. I think they look harder for things to hate because it won Best Picture unexpectedly. I admit I do the same thing but that's just my take. I highly enjoyed this film.

The Dark Knight- How can any self respecting movie lover not own this one? Don't answer that I'm sure there are a few of you who don't. I however own and really love this one. It's at #7 on my top 10 list.

Donnie Darko-Director's Cut-Cult Classic that I fell in love with immediately after I saw it. I originally bought the original version but I found the Directors Cut on Amazon for really cheap and so I sold the old copy and bought this one. Glad I did.

Downfall-The last days of the man who brought you Mein Kamphy Chair...and slaughtered 6-10,000,000 people. Bruno Ganz gives one of the best performances I have ever seen. If you come across this film, please watch it. In terms of importance, I would rank it up there with Schindler's List and Saving Private Ryan.

Fargo-This film should have won. I saw The English Patient and this film was much better. It might be my favorite Coen film (might, it has stiff competition from No Country and Arizona). Frances McDormand gives the performance of a lifetime.

Ghostbusters 1 and 2-The first one is a total classic. Nothing not to like about it it is an incredibly fun film. The second one is still kinda entertaining at points. Worried about 3 just like everyone else. And the best thi... Oh my's the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

The Godfather Trilogy-The first two combined is my favorite movie. Then there's the third one...oy. Why? Why did you have to make a third one? As a film alone it's average but when you compare it to the other two...*sob*

Good Morning Vietnam/Dead Poets Society-I love Robin Williams. So, a two pack of his two best roles (Both of which he should have won for, But I'll admit, Day-Lewis in My Left Foot was better but Williams was second)

Hot Fuzz-the creators of Shaun of the Dead have done it again. This one was just as hilarious and innovative as Shaun. I loved it. If you haven't seen it it is a must. If I see any more Cop films, I will use this as a comparison. I expect this to win every time.

This guy is great. He's a ventriloquist. This is his first DVD. It's not as good as his next one but it was better than his 3rd. He does an excellent job and he is very very funny.

Kill Bill vol. 1+2-The Bride is coming The Bride is coming The Bride is coming The Bride is coming. Bloody, gory, and incredibly fun. This might be my favorite Tarantino

Live Free or Die Hard Unrated version-Yippie Kayay Motherf***** This is the only Die Hard film I own but I wouldn't exactly be adverse to owning the first one. It's the best. I like this one too though.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy-Pretty much the best 11 1/2 hours of film in existence as far as trilogies go. Nothing beats it. The Godfather would were it not for the third one.

Million Dollar Baby-Eastwood showed me that he can direct with Unforgiven (another one I wouldn't mind owning) This one is just as good and just as deserving of its Best Picture win (not to mention Morgan freeman finally got his Oscar for this one)

Misery-Annie Wilkes, one of the most messed up movie (and for that matter literary) characters of all time. Totally deserving of her top villain spot. That sledgehammer scene *shudder* I want to look away, but I can't.

The Night of the Hunter- Those who have seen it agree with me and love this film. The problem is, not nearly enough people have seen it. If you are reading this PLEASE SEE THIS FILM ASAP!!! If you like Robert Mitchum, than you probably won't mind seeing him in A. his greatest performance and B. the film he stated was his favorite role.

No Country for Old Men-BTW, Anton never actually says "Call it friendo" I re-watched this after I got it and was greatly anticipating the line but he doesn't ever actually says it. He says "Call it" and "Friendo" but never together. That aside, I really like this film. One of their best.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest-My third favorite film. I have to own it. If nothing else, the performances make this an essential film to own.

Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire-This one was admittedly an impulse buy but that doesn't make it any less of a great film. Mo'Nique's performance is one of the best I've seen (She could go with a villains spot too).

Raising Arizona-I know, the Coens again!/ Well, they keep making great films that keep making their way into my film box. This one is the funniest one that they have made IMO. This is my favorite Cage performance. He was hilarious.

Saving Private Ryan-Probably the most important film I own. This and Downfall. The opening 26 minutes are the most brutal I have ever seen in a film. AND THIS DIDN'T WIN BEST PICTURE!?!?!!?!? WHY!?!?!?! What on earth made Shakespeare in Love better than this!? Shakespeare in Love was trash (Except for Judi Dench...She was awesome). This film is one of the best.

Scream 1,2,+3- I love one, it's #10 on my top 10 list. 2 was excellent 3...I still kinda have an affinity for 3. it wasn't great or nearly as good as the first two but I still kinda liked it.I will own 4 as soon as it comes out.

Shaun of the Dead-How can any self-respecting person own hot Fuzz and not own Shaun of the Dead. It is impossible for me to pick one over the other. Both are so excellent. George A. Romero, move over. Shaun is coming.

The Shining-HEEEERREEEESSS JOHNNY!!! #5 on my top 10 list. Absolutely fantastic. For the life of me I cannot understand why this one got 2 Razzie nominations. Kubrick and Duvall both got Razzie noms. I personally thought that this one was truly excellent.

The Silence of the Lambs- #2 on my top 10 list. Lecter is the greatest screen and literary character in existence. Period. Hopkins and Foster give the greatest performances in their careers (and in the case of Hopkins, the greatest performance of all time).

The Simpsons Movie-Everyone's favorite family got a movie. Upon viewing (and even owning) I was incredibly unfamiliar with the Simpsons (I knew they existed obviously) Now that I have seen every episode, I love this film more than ever. It's also the only animated film I own.

South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut-If you've seen every existing South Park episode (as I have including the banned ones) it is only natural (and mandated by law in 36 different states) that I own the movie.

There Will Be Blood- Daniel Day-Lewis gives the performance of a lifetime. No questions asked. Unfortunately the only line anyone will remember in 50 years is the milkshake line. Too bad. This film has so much more to it than that.

Tremors-Not the most intelligent film ever but it doesn't take itself very seriously and so it totally succeeds. at the very least, Kevin Bacon gives a performance better than his one in Friday the 13th (Not better than his one in Mystic River though I must admit)

Tropic Thunder-2008 was an odd year for the Supporting Actor category. I mean that 2 people were nominated for roles in which they normally wouldn't have been. I mean of course, Heath Ledger for a comic book based role (which he unsurprisingly won for) and Downey Jr. for a cheesy action film. I like this one a lot. I was surprised at Tom Cruise's performance (usually I can't stand him to be honest) This is my favorite role of his.

The Usual Suspects-This movie (and American Beauty) are the films that got me liking Kevin Spacey. for good reason. He did fantastic in this and he completely deserved his Oscar for this role. Even more than he deserved his American Beauty Oscar (and he deserved it). great ending too.

Wayne's world 1+2-Wayne's World 2 (Other than a lot of the Hitchcock ones) Is the only film that I own that I haven't actually seen. I liked the first one. it wasn't too bad (Plus it's statistically the best SNL sketch-turned-movie)

Wes Craven's New Nightmare-Other than the original, this is the only 'Nightmare' film worth anything. I know a lot of people are partial to 3, but I just feel that 1 and 7 are the only ones remotely worthy of a positive review. I think I might like this one better than the original even. I like the Freddy more for sure. Excellent stuff. This is another one I would highly suggest if you haven't seen it.



  1. That's a very respectable collection you've got there my Lord!

    My collection is enormous, I can barely keep track of it, but it goes well into the thousands... I got most of them for free though, I downloaded them.

  2. Aah I see. I envisioned a Hot Fuzz-Danny type collection. You open a door and there are thousands of DVD's

  3. Yeah, that would be awesome, I would never be able to afford it all though...

    BTW glad to find a fellow Hot Fuzz fan, it's one of my favourites, so hilarious and incredibly well done action scenes.

  4. I like when it goes from "Simpsons Movie" to "There Will Be Blood." Love the collection

  5. 2d: No kidding right? I have some variation here.

    Jack: How on earth could I not love Hot Fuzz? If I bought it I love it and Hot fuzz is fantastic. Hot Fuzz has one thing that Shaun of the Dead doesn't
    What's that sir?

  6. Great collection! I wish I owned the Hitchcock Collection. There Will Be Blood was an awesome movie. I only saw it once but i definitely want to own it. Tropic Thunder and Christmas Vacation are guilty pleasures. In fact, I saw most titles. But I still haven't seen Cloverfield OMG and I am a cult follower of anything Let Me In!

  7. Terrific list. I reviewed the winners of the last 40 years and while I might have replaced 1 or 2 of yours with another I will not quibble as you have done a great job here!

  8. I'm confused. It says in THE SIMPSONS MOVIE that it's the only Animated Film you have. What about SOUTH PARK?

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