Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My review of The Muppet's Christmas Carol

Classic, just an absolute instant classic. In a way, I feel like Scrooge now, because I spent my time watching horrid slasher films around Christmastime and now seeing this has made me a much happier person (I had seen it before but not for many years).

Acting/Characters: Well, it isn't Michael Caine's masterpiece performance, but good golly did I have fun watching it. If I had to suspect, the cast of this film had a lot of fun making it. It certainly shows. I really like The Muppets. My favorite Muppet is Beaker but I also really like Gonzo and Statler & Waldorf. I feel that each Muppet filled role was done perfectly. I wouldn't have changed a thing. 10/10

Plot: It's A Christmas Carol with Michael Caine and The Muppets. What else is there to say other than 10/10?

Screenplay: I found myself laughing at the jokes, something that I have not done for a long time. I would laugh at bits of the slasher films because they were so stupid but I liked the jokes here. Not all of them were amazing but who cares? I liked them. I also liked the songs too. My favorite one by far was 'We're Marley and Marley WHOOOOAAAH" 10/10.

Likableness: This film is extremely likable. To any naysayers out there who say "bah humbug" I say better watch out or some of the creepier looking Muppets might become the Christmas ghosts on you. 10/10

As a final note I say to you all, God bless us, every one. Why? Because the DENVER BRONCOS FINALLY FIRED MCDANIELS!!!! Sorry. totally off topic but I am an avid Bronco fan (living in Colorado of course) and seeing how he destroyed my team kills me. Well, now he's gone. Anyway, totally off topic here. sorry.

Final Score: 40/40 100% (N)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. This was the first major Muppet project after the death of creator Jim Henson. Henson had performed Kermit and the role was now being handed down to Steve Whitmire. According to Whitmire he was incredibly nervous about taking over such an iconic character. The night before he had to go record Kermit's songs for the movie, he had a dream where he met Henson in a hotel lobby and told him how unsure he was. In the dream, Henson reassured Whitmire that the feeling would pass. After waking up, Whitmire was confident and able to do the part.

2. There is a store called "Micklewhite". Michael Caine's real name is Maurice Micklewhite.

3. David Hemmings, Ron Moody, David Warner, and George Carlin were among the actors who were considered for the role of Scrooge, before Michael Caine was chosen.

4. Towards the end of the film, a tavern called "Statler & Waldorf" (named after the famous Muppet hecklers) can be spotted.

5. Michael Caine considers the role of Scrooge to be one of his most memorable (to him) roles.

6. The movie is dedicated to the memory of Jim Henson and Richard Hunt. Henson, of course, was the creator of the Muppets. Hunt was one of the Muppet voice performers, perhaps best known as the voice of the character Scooter.

7. Jacob and Robert Marley surrounded by wailing cash boxes is a nod to Bob Marley & The Wailers.

8. According to 'Brian Henson, the decision to use Gonzo and Rizzo to narrate the story was made because he wanted to incorporate the narration and prose of the Charles Dickens novel into the film.

9. At the conclusion of the song "One More Sleep", Kermit is seen standing alone in the street and a shooting star can been seen streaking across the sky. In many (in not all) of the Muppet movies, a shooting star goes across the sky at some point when Kermit is on.

10. Rizzo the Rat is named after Dustin Hoffman's character in the film Midnight Cowboy Enrico "Ratso" Rizzo.

11. The word "Muppet" itself first appeared in 1956, and was said by Henson to have been created by combining the words "Marionette" and "puppet". However, Henson was also known to have stated that it was just something he liked the sound of, and he made up the "marionette/puppet" story while talking to a journalist because it sounded plausible.

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