Sunday, August 28, 2011

My review of Justin Bieber: Never say Never

Well this is a documentary so my normal format will not suffice here.

So, this documentary came out, what, a year or so after he became big? Well, to me that's too soon. I think they should have waited until he...became a little less big. Not to sound heartless or anything. But just having his early life and his rise doesn't cut it to me. I'd say that he would have needed to wait at least 10-15 years before they did something like this. This is too soon for me.

Well on to Bieber himself, the kid is undeniably talented particularly with drums. That is clearly evident. He definitely has God given talent. On a talent scale overall I would rate him at a...9/10. He's a decent singer but not too perfect. Does his talent warrant the kind of screaming fan attention that he gets? Maybe. Well, actually nobody deserves that. He deserves a loyal fan-base, but those girls just need to calm the heck down. Yes he's good but openly weeping with tears of pure joy at the mere sight of him is too much. I never had much experience with him. I don't think I've heard many if any of his songs so I have a pretty neutral opinion on the guy. I never got into the group that hates his guts.
but the guy is very popular and he knows it. but he seems like a nice enough guy if a little big-headed occasionally.

Now, on to the movie itself. It was interesting but it just got so boring after a while because it was so repetitive. You could have cut out half an hour off of that movie and still have it say exactly the same thing that it did. It was overly long and I just got bored halfway through. When was this gonna end!?!? I found myself thinking. Eventually it did end as all movies must. It was a 3-D movie too which confused me. It just goes to show that film-makers don't really know what to do with 3-D. There were only a few seconds in the film that could be 3-D. Why do they do this!? Long story short, It was overly long, the second half was really boring (and if I watched the first half again right now that would be boring too) and it hardly has a real story to it. It's a one hour and 45 minute long movie and only 35-40 minutes of that has a story to it. Most of it is exposition. It was simply a camera crew following him around for a while. it was okay at first but it got boring. Would I suggest this to anyone? No I wouldn't unless you like Bieber.

Final Score: 25/40 62% (M)
Tomatometer rating: 64%
Tomatometer rating if my review was added: 65%

No trivia for this film...I should knock off a few points for that....

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