Saturday, April 2, 2011

My review of The Emperor's New Groove

Disney marathon Part III

Voice Acting/Characters: Pretty solid cast. The best character (and voice acting) by far was from Patrick Warburton as Kronk. The rest of the cast was great (particularly Yzma). The scenes with Kronk and Yzma, to me, were better than the scenes between Pacha and Kuzco. These characters are really not typical for Disney at all. most Disney characters are simply variations of whatever fairy tale character they are based off of. Not here though. Here all of the characters are fresh and original and really funny. 9/10

Plot: Excellent plot. Very original. Like I said before. Disney tends to stick with just redone fairy tales. Not here though. Here they have an original plot. This shows me that they should do original stuff more often. They hit it out of the park here. That, and this is one of the most family-friendly Disney films I have seen in a while. It didn't have the dark themes that a lot of the other ones have. 9/10

Screenplay: My gosh, this screenplay is one of the best that I have seen come out of a movie. The screenplay is incredibly smart and funny. There are so many classically quotable lines in the film. Again, with the success of this one, I don't know why they don't make movies like this one more often. They really can. This one was great. 10/10

Likableness: I had seen this one a couple of times before, and I had no problems watching it again. It was an absolutely hilarious film with some fantastic characters and a fresh, original plot. I really enjoyed it a lot. I highly suggest this one to any of you who have not seen it. 9/10

Final Score: 37/40 92% (N)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. The makers of the film originally wanted to get Sting to sing the opening song but he said he was too old, they need someone more hip and younger. So they went with Tom Jones, who is 11 years older than Sting.

2. In the dinner scene where Kronk lights a pair of candles the holder is of a small figure. This was a character from the early versions of the film. He was an adviser to the emperor that was later written out.

3. Kuzco was named after the ancient capital of the Incas, Cuzco. (It's still pronounced the same.)

4. Pacha's wife, Chicha, is pregnant. According to the DVD Commentary, this is the first Disney Animated Feature to show a pregnant woman.

5. HIDDEN MICKEY: Like many other Disney films, this one contains a number of hidden Mickey Mouse images. One is in the bushes when Kuzco gets pulled from the water and another is Yzma's head and earrings (upside down).

6. Patrick Warburton improvised when Kronk hummed his own theme song when he was carrying Kuzco in the bag to the waterfall. Disney legal department had Patrick to sign all rights to the humming composition over to them.

7. Pacha's name means "earth" in the Incan Language.

8. Playwright David Mamet has said he considers the script for this film to be one of the most brilliantly innovative which Hollywood has produced in recent years.

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