Monday, November 8, 2010

My review of The Twilight Saga: New Moon

This is actually one of the worst films I have ever seen in my entire life. The acting sucked, the plot sucked, the plot was predictable. the only reason that this film made any money at all was because Jacob spent the whole movie with his shirt off. It was an utterly ridiculous attempt at making a good movie. I wasn't even entertained because the movie was so bad. One of my big problems with the series is that movies (and books) like the Twilight series are just socially acceptable soft porn for girls. If you don't believe me then explain why Jacob takes of his shirt in a very sort of stripper way whenever he gets the chance. Also the film tried WAAAAAY too hard to make you laugh WAAAAAY too often. so basically what the film makers ended up with was just failed laughs and shirtless boys. Also the acting was horrible especially on the part of Kristen Stewart. When her very very happy face and her completely depressed face are the exact same thing you know that someone deserves a Razzie for their work. This film had absolutely no redeeming qualities at all. A complete waste of my time and money. If i had spent $500,000 on a 40 year old milk dud I would not have been as overcharged as I was for this. This film deserves to be in the Dollar theater. The future Installments are going to be even worse. that's the sad part.

now, I really was interested to see what they would do with the Volturi. the Volturi in the book is basically 3 Hannibal Lecters (not that any character in a romance novel will ever come close to the pure genius of Dr. Lecter) and the Voulturi in the movie were dumb. They weren't even creepy. Aro in the books acts like a little child who just happens to be an adult vampire with an adult body and voice and mannerisms. in this he is kind of dumb. he didn't really do much except annoy the heck out of me.

to the enlightened ones, this movie is just another example of how movies these days are made for quantity not quality. the film makers are more concerned with making a movie that will make them all rich enough to retire that they forgotten that movies are supposed to be good. What Filmmakers need to understand is that if you have quality, quantity will follow. (if Pixar didn't make good movies then would they be making millions with each movie that they produce? no. the only reason that Pixar is so successful is because they have earned it. they make movies that continually blow audiences away. therefore, John Ratzenbereger will have a job much longer than Kristen Stewart) this movie was made for profit. as will the next two. film makers have realized that teenage girls will spend millions of dollars to go see these movies so they've thrown something together to get those millions. Twilight will never be a critical success.

TRIVIA TIME: The scene where a near-death Bella is sinking into the depths was achieved by putting weights in the actress's pockets and letting her sink in a swimming pool. 'Kristen Stewart' was apprehensive about this, so director Chris Weitz demonstrated, to show that there was nothing to be afraid of. As soon as he hit the bottom, he panicked, pulled the weights out of his pockets, and resurfaced, saying "We can't do that to Kristen!" They filmed her from the side and moved the camera backwards to achieve the effect of sinking.

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