Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My review of The Bride of Chucky

Well, I have started to see the films that other than the original, I was most excited to see. I have heard that these films are more comedy horror than anything actual horror like the last 3.

Acting: I know that the main actor, Nick Stabile, went to High School with my mother and that they even acted with each other. cool. Anyway, like always, the best stuff comes out of Chucky and also Tiffany has some good stuff too. They certainly have the most character of anyone in the film. But really, the acting in this one was too silly to really be taken seriously. It was just good enough that it didn't ruin the rest of the movie. 6/10

Plot: Well well, what do you know? They actually came up with an original plot. Instead of Chucky being revived again and him going after Andy they take it in a whole new direction. I love that. I really liked the blend of comedy and horror. It was ridiculous and satirical of itself and the genre (for examples of that, see Trivia Time #1). I really like it when a movie satirizes its genre. Especially if it does it well. 7/10

Screenplay: Still not the best in the world but I think it is the best of the series. The tiffs between Chucky and Tiffany are great. Here's an example: Tiffany: For god's sake Chucky, drag yourself into the 90s. Stabbings went out with Bundy and Dahmer. You look like Martha Stewart with that thing.
Chucky: Who the f*** is Martha Stewart?
Tiffany: My idol. And what does Martha tell you to do when friends drop by for dinner and you haven't had time to shop? You improvise.

Later when wondering what to do with a body of a victim: Tiffany: What are we gonna do?
Chucky: [Sarcastically] I don't know, what would Martha Stewart do?

I love it. It was great. 8.5/10

Likableness: Well I...oh my gosh...I liked it. I liked it a lot. Huh. I wouldn't have guessed It was incredibly cheesy but. wow. I liked it. It wasn't perfect and there were parts I didn't like which was to be expected but overall, I really enjoyed it. 9/10

Final Score: 30.5/40 76% (N)

TRIVIA TIME: 1. In the opening scene Michael Myers' and Jason's masks (from the Halloween and Friday the 13th movies), Leatherface's chain saw (from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies), and Freddy Kruger's glove (from the Nightmare on Elm Street movies) are visible. Also in the evidence room in the beginning of the movie, there is "The Crate" from the movie "Creepshow"

2. There is a character in the film named Damien Baylock. In The Omen, the satanic child is called Damien, while his evil nanny is called Mrs. Baylock.

3. A certain Bride of Chucky promotional poster is a parody of one of the Scream 2 posters.

4. When one of the characters is killed, his face looks like Pinhead from Hellraiser. Chucky exclaims "Why Does That Look So Familiar?"

5. Chucky's voodoo chant (which, if I have to hear that stupid thing one more time, I'm gonna put an axe through my wall) translates roughly like this: To the almighty Damballa, give me the power I beg of you!
To the mercy of my soul.
To the point of my death.
Hear me out of from my condemned voice.


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