Sunday, January 29, 2012

My review of the TV show Arrested Development

Now the review of the TV show of the story of the wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.

It's Lord Naseby's review of Arrested Development.

Plot: the show is about a wealthy California family who are in the housing industry. The Bluth Company is run by George Bluth Sr. It is revealed that he did a number illegal things through the Bluth Company including some "light treason" by building houses in Iraq. Once George Sr. is arrested for these crimes, it is up to his son, Michael, to try to keep the family and the company together.

Let me make one thing perfectly clear before we begin, this show is AWESOME. It is one of those shows that was just too smart for people and so they cancelled it. However, they are bringing it back for another season and a movie so yay! What really makes this show spectacular is the witty dialogue and how the characters react to each other and how their separate, usually dominant, personalities clash.

Michael Bluth- Michael is the protagonist of the show. It is his job to try to make the Bluth company run smoothly, something that his family members continually try to disrupt (sometimes intentionally other times not). He is constantly being challenged by his family. He is constantly exasperated by their antics but he still keeps them together as he believes that it is "family first." He has a son named George-Michael whom he is very close to as a result of his wife's death before the events in the show. I really enjoy his sarcastic manner when dealing with his family. He still loves them all at the end of the day. He is the closest thing to an everyman in the show, but I still feel that he sometimes has his own agenda and is rarely as sincere as he would like to believe himself to be, particularly when it comes to his son. He means well with his son, but he often finds himself making mistakes that his father made with him and I like that about him. It gives him depth of character and makes him more interesting to watch.

Favorite quote: *talking to his family*
I am moving to Phoenix and I got a job
*family gives him blank stares*
You know, something you apply for and then they pay you and...never mind I don't want to spoil the surprise.

Lindsay Funke (nee Bluth)- Lindsay is Michael's twin sister. She deeply cares for her father and has an adverse relationship with her mother who continuously suggests that Lindsay is fat. She rebelled against her parents and married Tobias Funke with whom she has a daughter named Maybe. What I like about Lindsay is just how amazingly self-centered and shallow she is. she has a compulsive need to shop. She does love her husband but she has to dig deep down to find those feelings. She neglects her daughter and at points she forgets Maybe exists.She consistently fails at most things she tries and it really makes for hilarious moments in the show.

Favorite quote: Lindsay: I care very deeply about nature Michael
Michael: You're wearing Ostrich skin boots
Lindsay: Well I don't care about Ostriches, Michael

GOB (pronounced Job, as in the biblical book/person) Bluth- GOB is easily my favorite character in the show. In his own way, he is the most sincere character in the show. He's just so unashamedly...GOB. Don't get me wrong, he has his own agenda just like everyone else in the show. He is an amateur magician (but prefers his tricks to be called 'illusions'. I like the extra depth that his character has when he is constantly vying for his father's approval but never really gets it even though at times he thinks that he has gotten it. He is so fun to watch and I think he is easily the best character on the show.And who can forget his hilarious chicken dance?

Favorite Quote: George Sr. "What is this? GOB I don't have time for your tricks"
GOB: "Illusions Dad! You don't have time for my Illusions!"



  1. Well, so far so good, I look forward to the rest of your review on one of the greatest shows of all time. And Please do not forget to mention the man himself, Franklin!

  2. So... are you going to finish this?

  3. 8sigh* yeah. I keep putting it off for whatever reason. I hope to do it in the next day or so.